Sound Engineering for Schools & Gymnasiums

Sound Design and Engineering for Schools & Gymnasiums

At Good Sounds, not only do we provide a varied range of audio services for schools, universities, and institutes of all sizes, but our team is constantly keeping up with the newest certifications and vendor relationships. This passion and commitment allows our team to provide the best possible solutions and prices for your specific project. Whether in a classroom, auditorium, gymnasium, theater, performing arts center, or on the field, sound clarity and dimension have been proven, not only to enhance communication, but also assist in the audiences’ overall experience.

We are a proud locally owned and operated business and we want to thank all of our satisfied Western Pennsylvania area school districts and university clients. Our team has completed numerous projects from gymnasiums and classroom A/V to auditorium projects. We continue to enjoy the opportunity to model, engineer, and deliver world-class systems right here in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland.

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If it can't be heard, it can't be Good!

Sound systems for schools need to be addressed in a different way. They are designed to ensure that everyone in a given space can hear the message clearly. As your school or university considers installing a new system or upgrading its current audio and visual sound system, it is worth spending some time with the professionals at Good Sounds to design a system that is direct and specific for your particular wants and needs. In doing so, we are confident and committed to bringing a solution that will achieve your goals.

The ability to hear is directly affected by the acoustic make-up of a particular room. At Good Sounds, we take all measures into consideration, such as the possible use of acoustical treatments. These treatments can significantly improve the clarity of sound in your school’s gymnasium, auditorium, or music room. Our staff can simulate the effectiveness of acoustical solutions by utilizing computer-aided modeling and recommend the best course of action to improve sound quality.

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