Sound Engineering for Theaters

Sound Design and Engineering for Theaters

Dwight Brown and Thomas Gaffron have become leading resources in the art of theatrical sound reproduction. Together they have engineered hundreds of shows and worked with schools and theaters all over southwestern PA. Their approach to a show, and the system they employ, is the result of years of experience working with students and professionals alike.

There is a lot more than setting up some microphones on performers and in various places of the theater.

At Good Sounds, we know that every theater is different, as well as every performance, and we address each installation and design as such. You need safe and accurate hanging of the sound system as indicated by our design team and with your direction. We help teach the sound crew the programming and operating of the sound system (unless these duties are assigned to the assistant engineer, mixing engineer, or other assigned personnel). We assist and teach the maintenance of the sound system during the run of the production, accommodating the needs of an orchestra (if applicable), and assisting the sound team as needed.

With things like amplifiers, microphones, input processors, mixing consoles, output processors, stage boxes, networking gear, computers, KVMs, cabling, power supplies, conditioners, and much much more, you want to have a partner you can rely on. That’s where Good Sounds comes along by your side, and we can help take any production – large or small – to the level that is to be expected.

With the addition of digital consoles, reliable wireless microphone systems and software that will create and manage cue recall, Good Sounds is the obvious choice when your show needs a professional touch.

And please be sure to check out our page on MicPlot and Palladium to see the software programs we use to run our shows. Get a trial version for 30 days to try for yourself. You can also see some instructional videos on these programs on our YouTube channel.

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If it can't be heard, it can't be Good!

And we cannot forget the communications, video, and cue light order. Things like headsets, handsets, base stations, main stations, wired beltpacks, wireless beltpacks, power supplies, cable, main station, cue light boxes, cameras, lenses, monitors, and more.

You need someone you can rely on as your partner for now and into the future. Give Good Sounds a call today!

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